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Patient and Nurse

Health and social services

Our lawyers have exceptionally strong expertise in the fields of social and health care.

We serve social and health care procurement units, competitive tendering processes, contract issues, and new and renovation construction projects. We also advise on various conflict situations, such as contract disputes and proceedings at the Market Court, and we assist in matters of labour law.

We have successfully arranged competitive tendering on behalf of procurement units for several procurements of services and goods in the social and health care sector, and for construction projects (health centres, hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities).

We also provide ongoing advice on special legislation in this field, and on issues related to the reform of social services, health care and regional government.

We advise private sector operators in particular on participation in public competitive tendering, applications for review, litigation and various kinds of corporate reorganisation. We also assist in various aspects of labour law on an ongoing basis.


Contact: Marita Iskala and Valtteri Nieminen

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