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Our story

In 2012 a group of enthusiastic lawyers comprising Marita Iskala, Valtteri Nieminen and Hanna-Mari Harju began collaborating in public procurement, a field in which they had all gained some previous experience. Operations took off immediately, hampered only by the minor formality of coming up with a name for the firm. It dawned on Marita while taking a stroll on an autumn evening that the name could simply be Procurement Lawyers. While this may be a little prosaic, it is at least an appropriate business name that explicitly reflects the processes in which we are actually involved on an ongoing basis.

And despite implementing hundreds and hundreds of procurement processes, our enthusiasm for this field of work has not waned in the slightest. Public procurement assignments and strategic procurement management have continued to be the main thrust of our firm’s work. Finnish Procurement Lawyers Attorneys Ltd. has now grown into a law firm that specialises in public procurement, handling the most high profile cases in the field, so that any reference to “procurement lawyers” nowadays immediately calls our firm to mind.

The firm secured Attorneys-at-Law status in 2013 and has expanded its practice over the years according to the needs of our clients and the specialist expertise of our staff. We respond in particular to the legal requirements of the public sector and business enterprises. 

Our operations have grown steadily since the firm was founded. This has sometimes meant long working days for our key staff, together with a great deal of travelling both in Finland and abroad. The establishment of a branch in London has also not tended to reduce the number of days spent travelling. 

Our goal is to be no more and no less than the number one firm for public procurement in Finland and Europe. To achieve this ambitious goal, our entire team is committed to continuous improvement, as great success calls not only for very hard work, but also enthusiasm and drive. 

Whether you join our story as a client, a new procurement lawyer or a partner, you certainly won’t fail to notice the strong commitment and practical dedication of our team.

Marita Iskala

Chairman and Founder

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