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Energy and heating

We advise public and private sector operators on issues related to the energy, heating and gas markets, and on major projects in the sector. Recipients of our services include energy companies, parties maintaining and operating distribution networks, equipment and plant suppliers, and contractors, project developers and investors. Our work covers both renewable and non-renewable forms of energy.

We continuously advise public sector contracting entities operating in special sectors on implementing procurements covered by the Special Sectors Procurement Act. We successfully assist in various projects related to generating and distributing energy and heating, corporate transactions and market regulation issues. Our firm is also a significant operator in projects related to the international natural gas market.

  • Procurement governed by the Special Sectors Procurement Act

  • Projects related to generating and distributing energy and heating

  • Plant and equipment deliveries

  • Fuel deliveries

  • PPP projects

  • Purchase and sale agreements for electric power and heating

  • Corporate restructuring and outsourcing

  • Issues of competition law and market regulation

  • Issues related to permits and administrative law

  • Land leases

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