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Privacy law

Data protection regulation affects almost all actors in the private and public sector and sets the framework and defines the boundary conditions for the processing of personal data. We advise our customers in all matters related to data protection regulation, such as questions of application, interpretation and compliance with the regulation. We assist in the drafting of various data protection-related agreements, impact assessments and guidelines, as well as risk management.

Our expertise covers, for example:


  • Drawing up, preparing and commenting on personal data processing agreements and descriptions of processing operations

  • Survey of the current status of personal data processing in the organization

  • Impact assessments, risk assessments

  • Preparing and commenting on data protection documentation

  • Preparation and training of instructions etc.

  • Data protection of working life

  • Data protection related to marketing

  • Special regulation related to the processing of personal data, for example in the healthcare industry

Contact us

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Jan-Erik Mandelin

Sales Manager
+358 40 186 4785
Eemeli Iskala

Eemeli Iskala

Client Account Manager
+358 40 194 3964
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