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Well-being at work benefits everyone

Even when I studied to be a physiotherapist, I knew that the employment opportunities were good. However, I could not have guessed that I would find such a pleasant working environment, but at the same time challenging when it comes to skills and creativity. Cooperation with Finnish Procurement Lawyers began in the spring of 2020. The first year has been marked by the constraints of the pandemic and the new ways of working.

So, no easy task for a physiotherapist, but also for the trainers. But as the saying goes “when there is a will, there is a way” and so this time too. My job includes directing weekly PT trainings for company employees. Exercise is practiced near people’s homes in outdoor parks, sports fields and wherever suitable. Fortunately, as the weather cooled, we also had access to the training facilities of the physiotherapy clinic, and the training continued despite the weather.

Exercise works as medicine for many ailments

The human body as well as the mind need exercise, to the extent appropriate for the individual and on their own level. When implemented in this way, the joy and benefits of exercise are best realized. Those working with the computer may have relatively little activity during the working days, and passive working positions are often not very favorable for the body. In the long run, the body and then also the head begin to work against us. That is why it is important to take care of your own vehicle, ie the body, and the cockpit, ie the head. This is important before the problems may occur.

Man is made to move, and the versatile loading of the body strengthens the body and thus helps to cope better. Exercise can also be used to prevent and treat painful conditions in the musculoskeletal system, which often arise from passivity, but also from too rapid increase in activity or from injury. After all, exercise has been proven to have an influence on mental well-being, strength and vitality. Exercise mobilizes important mediators that affect well-being and thus adds joy and vibrancy to our day. So, exercise is quite a remedy for many ailments.

Employer - take care of your most important capital, the people

The benefits of exercise may already be known to everyone, but it can still be challenging to get into practice. The weekly agreed PT hours have resulted in a good exercise routine, which makes it easier to start exercising. The plus of individual lessons is that lessons can be planned and customized according to each one’s current goals and endurance. When working days are busy and stress levels are high, with the right kind of exercise, you get a good break from work and the legal cues out of your mind. Weekly meetings and personal goals have also increased motivation for self-directed exercise.

Often in working life, the pace is set and the goals are raised, and employees are driven like trotting horses. Employers sometimes seem to forget that their greatest asset is skilled and motivated employees whose mental and physical performance is maintained. In addition, life should be balanced between leisure and work. In this equation, the provision of individual and motivating sports opportunities and the development of well-being is a win-win-win situation for the employee, the employer and for labor productivity. Of course, not forgetting me who provides this service. At its best, well-being is determined and created in everyday work with small actions and choices. I believe that a weekly PT class is helpful for an employee’s well-being and resilience both at work and in their free time.

Despite the exceptional situation that began last year, Finnish Procurement Lawyers have tried to take care of their physical condition and well-being. While the halls were closed and some hobbies were paused, refreshment and weekly exercise for the employees were taken care of by bringing the workouts close to home.

With the help of personal guidance, the trainings were made to everyone's liking and suitable for their own starting level and goals. When the trainings had started well in the spring, it was good to add little stakes in the autumn. Personal goals were planned for everyone and an extra day off was promised as a reward.

By the way, there was such a motivated group that everyone deserved their day off :-).

Here are some good tips on how to add exercise to your days:

Start in small steps. Exercise is nice if it is more of a habit than a bun. No need to immediately go for an hour of jogging or accommodate four gym workouts in a week. Start with a ten-minute walk, make it a habit, and gradually increase the distance.

• Plan and mark on your calendar so you do not forget good plans. Think about what you do and when. If you go to the gym, think about what you are going to do.

• In Finland's changing weather, it is worth investing in dressing. With the right equipment you can do it even if the harsh frosts hit or the rain falls. Or if the clothes and shopping are close to the heart, then nice gym clothes can work as a tonic to your workout.

• Set small goals or learn something new. Invest in a hobby, even the old ones will learn if the teacher is good. In almost all sports, there are groups or private lessons for adult beginners as well. Instead of a new hobby, you can also apply for more enthusiasm for the gym by learning new movements and changing the program regularly. A good PT is a great help here. You can also get enthusiastic about home training by learning new movements. If you are looking for more of a challenge, then try a handgun squat or a handstand.

• Move with a friend or hire a PT / coach. Hobbies are more enjoyable together. Also staying on the couch is harder when there is a workout planned with someone. If you like animals, but do not one at home, there are groups on Facebook, for example, where they are looking for outdoor help and care for dogs.

• It is good for a teleworker to take advantage of the time saved on business trips. If normally business trips are spent in sitting in a car or in a bus, then now the same time can be used by walking around the block or even a longer distance. The morning outdoors refreshes and awakens you to a new day, when you get energy for your workday right from the morning. It is also good to pop outside at lunchtime, even if you can already find lunch supplies in the fridge.

• Pause workdays and get up. Sometimes you find yourself sitting at the computer for half a day without taking any breaks at all. Put an alarm on your phone every hour, get up, stretch, do a few squats, or even get a glass of water. The most important thing is regular exercise - and there is no single break exercise that would save an all-day immobility.

• Remember to also invest in adequate sleep and a healthy, varied diet.

The author of the blog is physiotherapist Anette Österberg. Since the spring of 2020, he has worked as a personal trainer for the staff of Finnish Procurement Lawyers Attorneys Ltd.

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