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Tenderer! Familiarize Yourself with the Business Opportunities in the Finnish Public Sector

A Nordic mixed economy, the Finnish public sector includes a sizable percentage of the whole nation’s economy. Consequently, the business opportunities afforded by the public sector in Finland are noteworthy. Here are five reasons why you should delve into the Finnish procurement business:

1. Value. The value of procurement contracts signed by Finnish procurement entities is annually more than 35 billion euros, with individual tenders often worth upwards from a million euros.

2. Handy search engines. Finnish authorities and private sector have also provided several venues (both free-of-charge and premium) for service providers and potential tenderers to browse and locate relevant ongoing tenders.

3. HILMA. The most expansive database of Finnish procurement notices is HILMA

(, which is overseen by the Finnish Ministry of Finance. Using

HILMA does not require tenderers to pay for the service, or even register. All active procurement notices can be browsed in a simple fashion. A handy tool for breaching the language barrier is the built-in CPV integration.

4. Ease of use. In nearly all cases, tenders can be submitted electronically to the procurement entities. This means that postal fees or the associated delays can be safely ignored in the process.

5. Investing in procurement. The Finnish authorities are deeply involved in constantly improving and streamlining the procurement procedure. One such example was HAKA competition 2020. Finns invest a considerable amount in the development of procurements, both nationally and regionally.

Any questions? As an internationally-oriented Finnish law firm, we are more than happy to assist you in providing assistance in any legal issues arising in public procurement or in any of our other practices.

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