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Initiative for reforming the gambling licensing system has been launched

In support of this reform, a comprehensive research was conducted during the spring of 2023. It found the two ways to solve gambling businesses challenges were to either open up the industry using licensing system, or further develop the national regulation and Veikkaus.

The transition to a licensing-based system primarily seeks to enhance the channeling efficiency of gambling activities, concurrently mitigating and alleviating the adverse effects stemming from such pursuits. Noteworthy considerations during the transition to the licensing system include the delineation of which specific gambling activities will fall under the purview of the licensing framework, and which will remain exclusive to the national betting entity, Veikkaus. Additionally, the migration to the licensing system necessitates amendments to various statutes, particularly those pertaining to taxation and oversight. The overarching objective is to bolster the regulatory oversight of gambling activities concurrently with the adoption of the licensing framework. 

At Finnish Procurement Lawyers, we stay informed about the progress of this reformation and stand ready to bring you up to speed once the market opens up.

The marketing of gambling in Finland has increased

Administrative Court issued a decision on TV advertising An increasing number of foreign gambling companies are directing their marketing efforts towards Finland, where gambling promotion is still hea


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