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Competition law and State aid

Public procurements cannot occur without considering competition law, and assignments in this field are a key part of our firm’s expertise. The competition law challenges faced by our clients may cover such aspects as the purchasing power of a buyer or issues related to a potential bidding cartel.

Questions of State aid often arise for the public sector when implementing industrial policy. State aid rules seek to ensure that the public subsidies granted to an undertaking do not give them a selective economic advantage over other competing undertakings that could distort the functioning of the internal market and competition. We assist the public sector and businesses in navigating issues of State aid regulation and recovery.

Competition Law

We assist purchasing units in all industries in, among other things, the following matters:


  • Permissibility of contractual arrangements

  • Cooperation arrangements and purchasing cooperation

  • Competitive neutrality, public sector business and incorporation

  • Dominant market position

  • Corporate transaction control

  • Cartel investigation and competition law damages

State Aid

  • Assessment of prohibited and permitted state aid

  • Support and assistance issues – applying, reporting, recovery and appeal

  • Cooperation between the public and private sectors and its permissibility

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Valtteri Nieminen

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Jan-Erik Mandelin

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Eemeli Iskala

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