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Public procurement

The annual volume of public procurement is huge. An individual public procurement is often a complex exercise. Managing this process to a high and cost-effective standard calls for strong specialist expertise. Finland’s national public procurement strategy seeks to make the country a European leader in public procurement management, expertise, use of information, innovation and responsibility. Public procurement legislation seeks to optimise public expenditure.

Finnish Procurement Lawyers Attorneys Ltd. is a law firm that specialises in public procurement. Our references concerning procurements managed under the Act on Public Contracts, the Special Sectors Procurement Act and the Act on Public Defence and Security Procurements are among the most notable in Finland. Our lawyers discharge demanding procurements under new, innovative procurement procedures productively and effectively.

Careful conduct of the procurement process requires lawyers to have a broad understanding of public sector operations, finance and strategy work, and a command of the legal framework related to the operating environment. Our lawyer typically serves as a procurement unit project manager, managing the procurement process from start to finish on a turnkey basis. This comprehensive approach sets us apart from several operators in the field.

Public sector

We assist purchasing units in all industries in, among other things, the following matters:


  • Market surveys

  • Tendering of procurements as a total service and advice related to tendering

  • Drafting of contracts and other contractual legal advice

  • Assistance in appeal matters (correction claim and appeal matters) from the market court to the Supreme Administrative Court and the EU Court of Justice

  • Procurement control matters and assistance in KKV's clarification request matters

  • Disputes and damages, mediation and trials

  • Advice during the contract period, application of procurement legislation and contract changes during the contract period

  • Organization, development and training of acquisitions and procurement activities

  • PPP projects and alliances

  • Questions, reports, statements and legislative projects related to the application of the Procurement Act

  • Corporate restructuring, organization of procurement and in-house arrangements, and related corporate legal advice

Private sector

  • Participation in tenders

  • Training and development of offering skills

  • Assistance in appeals (claims and appeals) from the market court to the Supreme Administrative Court and the EU Court of Justice

  • Supervision of procurements, intervention in illegal procurements and assistance in cases of KKV's request for measures

  • Disputes and damages, mediation and trials

  • Contract legal advice and changes during the contract period

  • PPP projects and alliances

Contact us

Eemeli Iskala

Eemeli Iskala

Client Account Manager

+358 40 194 3964

Marita Iskala

Attorney-at-Law, Chairman of the Board

+358 44 5566 333
Jan-Erik Mandelin_edited.jpg

Jan-Erik Mandelin

Sales Manager

+358 40 186 4785
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