Construction and infrastructure »

One of our core competences is construction and real estate. We have advised our public and private sector clients on tendering processes, PPP, project alliance, disputes related to contracts, reclamations and court proceedings among other issues.

Culture »

In the course of recent years, we have had the great pleasure serving numerous city theatres, national theatres, opera houses, music halls and other well recognized cultural institutions such as national museums and galleries in their exceptional procurements and acquisitions. Our reference list consists of various procurement projects such as procuring:

  • stage engineering equipment
  • seating replacement (fixed seating)
  • audio mixer console
  • audio sound systems
  • lighting systems
  • digital signage systems
  • theatrical property and art transportation services
  • CRM and XMR systems and B2C marketing services as well as other necessary organisation and support level IT-systems and services
  • acoustic shell system
  • spotlights
  • occupational health case services
  • cleaning services
  • security services


Energy »

We assist our clients in electricity sales and generation related procurements, tendering in so-called utilities procurements and in competition and construction related matters.

Health & Welfare »

Our clients consist of international private medical companies and large domestic health & welfare contracting authorities. We have advised our clients on, among others, public procurement and contractual matters.

Industry »

Our clients, among others, consists of several enterprises in the food, engineering and machinery industries. Especially, we assist our clients in court proceedings and contractual matters.

IT »

We have assisted our public and private sector ICT clients in numerous procurement procedures, for example the tendering of systems, services of systems and software.

Public sector »

Our lawyers possess several years of experience from the public sector. As a result, we understand the functions and objectives of different public authorities.
Our know-how includes, among others, the following:

  • public procurement and outsourcing
  • state aid and subventions
  • court proceedings in administrative matters
  • prevention of corruption and grey economy
  • contract law