Ministry of Employment and the Economy has published instructions on energy efficiency

Ministry of Employment and the Economy has published new instructions on energy efficiency on public procurements. The instructions are part of Finnish energy and climate strategy as well as part of the enforcement procedure of EU directives. The purpose of the instructions is to guide the state authorities, municipalities and other organizations to consider in their operations’ measures that promote energy efficiency. The public sector procurements have a key role in promoting energy efficiency. With energy efficient and sustainable choices, the public sector can affect the energy consumption of products and services and by that energy costs and emissions. By setting correctly the qualifications regarding public procurements, the public sector may also act as a promoter for new innovations as well as energy efficient technology and design.

The legislation that guides procurements, encourages to take environmental aspects in consideration also in public procurements. The Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) defines, that central governments may purchase with certain conditions only products, services and buildings, which satisfy the EU legislation standards, as Energy Labelling Directive (2010/30/EU), Eco Design Directive (2009/125/EU) and Buildings Energy Efficiency Directive (2010/31/EU) as well as the energy efficiency standards of Energy Star- program.  Also public bodies in regional and local levels are encouraged to carry out energy efficient procurements.

Ministry of Employment and the Economy’s instructions are recommendatory. The instructions state the central obligations that guide energy efficiency in public procurements. The instructions also clarify how the contracting entities can take energy efficiency aspects comprehensively in consideration. The organizations should incorporate these instructions in their own procurement strategies and instructions. The preparation of instructions is done in co-operation with Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Motiva Ltd and Energy Authority. The instructions will replace the instructions on Energy Efficiency in Public Procurements, given by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy in 2011.

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