IX European Registrars Conference 2014 8 – 10 June in Helsinki, Finland

Valtteri Nieminen was invited to give a presentation on public procurement rules and framework agreements in the area of art transportation.

Framework agreements are a much-debated issue in the area of public procurement. Cooperation based on a long-term framework agreement on art transportation can be seen as a solution not only to work with service providers that meet the strict quality standards but also as a tool to maintain competition among suppliers. A well-concluded framework agreement means profit for all. Yet to achieve the objectives, it is equally important to identify both the possibilities and the pitfalls of public procurement.

The conference is organized by the Nordic Registrars Group. http://www.confedent.fi/erc-2014/


Valtteri Nieminen is the CEO of Finnish Procurement Lawyers Attorneys Ltd. a law firm specialized in public procurement, competition law and contract law. The firm’s clients are international and domestic companies as well as public authorities. Clients are offered practical, cost-effective and high-quality legal services both domestically and internationally.

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