Implementation Work Regarding the Procurement Directives in the Making in EU Countries

Governments in EU countries are currently turning their attention to implementing two new EU Directives, on Utilities procurement and Concession contracts. Implementing in national legislations needs to be done by April 2016 at the latest. For example in the UK the government has just published the draft Utilities Contract Regulations 2016 and the draft Concession Contracts Regulations 2016, and is now consulting on both drafts. Take a look at the consultation papers here:

In Finland, implementing the two directives is going to happen as a part of the total public procurement legislation reform. The reform has been prepared in the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The procurement directives are the main reason for commencing the legislation reform. However, another goal is to simplify procurement procedures and to change the structure of the act. Among other aims, the meaning is to improve the position of small and medium-sized companies in taking part to a competitive bidding and to take factors such as employment, health and social aspects into account.

Now, after the circulation of a proposal for comments, the reform of legislation will presumably be in Parliamentary Proceedings during the autumn term 2015. Finnish Procurement Lawyers Attorneys is closely following the legislation work in both of our operating countries, the UK and Finland.