Finnish Procurement Lawyers Attorneys @ the London Councils Summit 2015

The London Councils Summit was held on the 21st of November in Guildhall, London. This event gathers together the councillors of London’s boroughs and the City of London and some other relevant representatives to discuss the broad variety of issues that affect London in 2015. The event consisted of interesting speakers, breakout sessions on keeping our boroughs green, how to get more young people to work and transforming communities. There were also informative micro surgery advice sessions and interesting exhibitors present through the entire day.

London Councils Summit 2015 007 London Councils Summit 2015 019

Finnish Procurement Lawyers Attorneys participated at the London Councils Summit and we had a very interesting day meeting numerous councillors and exchanging public procurement related information.  There was a real buzz surrounding our stand through the entire day! The problems facing procurement procedures that we were told of are very similar to the ones we have come across in our own assignments. The pressure to save money in the public sector is immensely high and a good way to tackle this issue is to draft careful and premeditated procurement contracts.

The brochures that we had with us introducing our procurement training services were all shared out to the numerous interesting people we had the pleasure of meeting during the day. We hope to see all of you again in our next training session on the 26th of January in our London Office!

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