EU is determined to create a Digital Single Market.

The birth of digital single market (DSM) is one of the EU’s most prominent projects at this point in time. EU has set clear targets concerning the DSM, and already during next year the SME’s, start-ups and consumers should benefit from these changes.

At the moment only 15% of EU citizens shop online from another Member State, and only 7% of the EU areas’ SME’s and start-ups offer online purchasing opportunities to consumers.

EU has over 500 million consumers and it has been predicted that by unifying the digital market in the MS’s, the online cross-border sales could grow by over 415 billion euros per year. By doing so, it would also create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and help EU to recover from the financial crisis.

By unifying the digital market, the SME’s and start-ups could easily grow their businesses, through the harmonization of consumer law. The DSM would also simplify financial and corporate law, when the companies would all play by the same rules. Companies would use less time struggling with MS’s national administration, and spend more time concentrating for example on public e-procurement.
We at the Finnish Procurement Lawyers (Attorneys) are following closely the birth of the DSM, since it will give growth potential to our customers and their businesses.

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