Contractor´s Liability and Reports on Construction Work in Finnish Wind Power Projects

In the last couple of years the Finnish wind energy sector has developed rapidly and there are clearly a lot of opportunities in the area of wind energy. It is obvious that the trend is going to continue to go upward!

We do have a reputation of a high quality of performance in the area of legal education. Our trainings are known from their practical point of view. Our lawyers, who are professionals in judicial trainings, gladly meet the clients’ needs of the highest standard. The seminar covers all the aspects of the wind power projects, regarding contractor`s liability and obligations, reporting obligations on constructions work as well as labour legislation on posted workers. There are some new judicial changes that can be crucial when operating in the wind power industry. Also the evergreen questions will be carefully addressed.

In our seminar, these and many more questions will be answered.

  • When the company is a project supervisor and obliged to give details on the employees?
  • In Finland the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Works is Contracted Out is renewed – be prepared! What will change?

One remarkable change in the renewed Act is the raised negligence fee which will be applied to all activities in the future. This can be levied for instance if the contractor “is aware that the contracting party has no intention of fulfilling its legal obligations”. The raised negligence fee minimum is EUR 20,000, while the maximum is EUR 65,000.

Being able to adapt quickly and accurately to the new conditions of law, is the character that marks the succeeding firms in the wind energy sector. It is therefore crucial to a firm to be able to effectively react to the ever-changing conditions of law

Lecturer: Attorney at law, M.Econ, Partner Marita Tapola, Finnish Procurement Lawyers Attorneys Ltd.

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Helsinki 01/06/2015

London 08/06/2015