Consumers Unaware That EU Rule Offers 2-year Product Guarantee

If your laptop breaks down after a few months do not buy a new one if a salespersons suggests so. Consumers are often unaware that EU law could force vendors to stand behind their products for up to two years. The two-year guarantee period begins when consumers receive their goods. The law ensures that consumers have the right to a minimum two-year guarantee period at no cost.

Vendors offer typically one year warranty which is not what consumers are entitled to. Also, as a consumer, you should be wary of retailers’ offers of extended warranties because the apparent forms of extra protection offers nothing more than the law does.

The warranty does not cover damage or malfunctions caused by the user. If you wish to make a claim for goods that are faulty or not as advertised you should do so within six months because after six months the onus is on the consumer to prove that alleged defects existed at the time of the purchase.