Commission proposed new e-commerce rules to help companies

The EU Commission has proposed new e-commerce rules to help both consumers and companies to reap full benefit of Single Market. The new regulation proposed will increase price transparency and regulatory oversight of cross-border parcel delivery services so that consumers and retailers can benefit from affordable deliveries and convenient return options even to and from peripheral regions.

Small businesses have had problems especially with parcel delivery in particular high delivery charges in cross-border shipping. Prices charged by postal operators to deliver a small parcel to another Member State have often been up to 5 times higher than domestic prices, without clear correlation to the actual costs.

The new package is first of all composed of a legislative proposal to address unjustified geo-blocking and other forms of discrimination on the grounds of nationality, residence or establishment. Secondly a legislative proposal on cross-border parcel delivery services is to increase the transparency of prices and improve regulatory oversight. And thirdly a legislative proposal is to strengthen enforcement of consumer`s rights and guidance to clarify what qualifies as an unfair commercial practice in the digital world.

The proposals aim to tackle obstacles to cross-border e-commerce such as legal fragmentation of consumer contract law and to increase consumer trust when buying online. The digital contracts proposal would lift legal barriers by harmonizing contractual rights throughout the EU. Businesses would be able to supply digital content or sell goods to consumers under the same set of key contract law rules.


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