Administrative Court ruling on the right to an appeal on wind power zoning scheme

The Administrative Court was on opinion that as the case was about:

  • solid zoning scheme that surpasses municipality border,
  • the closeness of the zoning scheme of the neighbouring town towards the appellants’ real estates and
  • that the wind turbines could cause noise also to area outside the wind power zone,
  • which can have an impact on the land usage of the real estates situated in the other towns’ area

The definition of a litigant defined in Municipality Law, has to be interpreted, in this approving of a zoning scheme case, in a broad view so that the mentioned owners of the real estates, are seen as litigants to this case and therefore their appeal has to be investigated. (Without legal force 2.6.2015)

Turku Administrative Court 2.6.2015 T 15/0134/1